What is the Average Salary for Someone with a Computer Science Degree?

What is the Average Salary for Someone with a Computer Science Degree?

With a degree in computer science, there are many career paths that a person can travel down. From becoming a video game programmer to a computer technology researcher, there is something for everyone who earns a computer science credential.

A computer degree is also advantageous because it teaches graduates how to work with today’s newest technologies. To do this, they of course are first taught how to work the many technologies that have come along over the years. Technology is always changing, meaning computer science degree holders will need to take part in continuing education on a regular basis. Three of the main duties carried out by people who possess this type of degree include:

  • – Handling computer security issues
  • – Designing and developing software
  • – Working with complex databases

A higher-level degree in computer science, as well as many years of experience, will translate into higher pay. There is no exact average salary for people who possess this type of degree because there are so many job positions that can be acquired. Here are some of the most common jobs and their accompanying salary levels.

Network Administrator

In this position, a person will be responsible for the functioning of his or her employer’s computer networking system. Part of the job includes properly managing the following:

  • – LAN systems
  • – WAN systems
  • – Intranet systems
  • – Internet connectivity

To enter this line of work, a student will need at least an associate’s degree in computer science as well as one to five years of work-related experience. The average salary for network administrators who possesses a bachelor’s degree is about $69,000 a year.

Computer Graphic Designer

For those who enjoy putting together websites, a computer graphic designer is a great career choice to make. This position allows art lovers to combine their passion along with their computer acumen. There is a high demand for computer graphic designers, and because of this the accompanying salary level of someone employed in this position tends to be very high. In fact, the average annual salary of a computer graphic designer is about $43,500. For the most part, a person will need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science to land a job in this occupation.

Software Developer

With an associate’s degree in computer science, a person is likely to land a job as a software developer if he or she prefers. Most times, when working in this occupation, the person will work alongside other developers, creating new software programs and applications. Common duties carried out by software developers include:

  • – Programming
  • – Testing software and applications
  • – Debugging
  • – Providing customer service

With a bachelor’s degree, the average salary for software developers tends to be around $90,530 a year.

Computer Technology Researcher

For those who hold a computer science degree but want to land a job that isn’t very technical, it will be a good idea to pursue the career of a computer technology researcher. Many people who hold this type of job are able to secure employment through colleges and/or universities. With a master’s degree in computer science, a person can even apply for computer technology teaching jobs. For a person who chooses to continue his or her education and acquire a doctoral degree in computer science, as a computer technology researcher, he or she can expect to make at least $100,000 a year.

Computer science degrees can be earned both online and at traditional brick-and-mortar schools. A student’s preferences and lifestyle will best determine how he or she should go about obtaining a computer science degree. Many times, working professionals and/or parents will benefit the most from taking online courses.

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