The Top 10 Online Web Design Programs

The Top 10 Online Web Design Programs

Students searching for the best colleges or universities that offer online web design classes will search for Web design degree programs online. A good web design program offers the ability to design websites and programs that others will purchase. Online web design programs offer all of the classes online. This helps people that work full time or have a family, to attend classes and earn their degree on their own time. Listed below are some of the best institutions that offer these online web design classes.

Recommended Online Web Design Programs

Ranking The Top 10 Online Web Design Programs

1. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online gives students the ability to create and explore creative arts education and learn new skills that will increase their capabilities when it comes to web design. A degree in graphic and web design allows the student the ability to pursue jobs in graphic design, web design and creative programming. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers individualized instruction for students so that they can study or review lectures on their own schedule.

• Financial Aid is available to students that qualify by private loans, federal loans and institutional finance plan
• Accreditation by the Middle States Association of colleges and Schools
• 38 months to complete the program
• Cost for the program, including books is $84,600

2. International Academy of Design and Technology

International Academy of Design and Technology has a Web Design and Development degree program online. IADT has been educating students for over 30 years. IADT has locations all over Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Nashville, Orlando, Sacramento, San Antonio, Seattle, Schaumburg, and Tampa. The school began in Chicago as a small college and after boasting many successful graduates the school has expanded too many different locations across the United States. IADT receives a #10 ranking among web design schools according to

• Financial Aid available
• Veterans educational benefits assistance
• Accreditation by the Commission for Independent Education
• Bachelor’s degree is 180 Credit hours, costs $63,000,
• Associates degree program is 90 credit hours, costs $32,200

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3. ITT Technical Institute

ITT Technical Institute has over 140 locations located in 35 states. At ITT, the instruction is designed to help each student succeed. The professors work with each student at their own pace to learn and complete the program in web design. Online students can take one class at a time so that they can continue their work and family life as well as get an education. Each web design program offers courses in Ethics, screenwriting, web design, and typography.

• Financial Aid is an option and they help you navigate
• ITT offers students Opportunity Scholarships
• Veterans educational benefits assistance available
• Associates Degree tuition $38,340
• 90 credit hours for Associate degree in Web Design, program length is 21 months

4. University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix offers students the ability to complete a degree program in web design online. Information Technology gives the students the skills they need to succeed in web design and development, computer programming, and software. Students can take one class at a time so that they can continue their present job and family life while learning. Instructors post assignments and schedules so that each student can view the class lecture at their own convenient time.

• Financial aid is aggressively available
• Veterans educational benefits and assistance available on request
• Associates degree in 23 months with 60 total program credits at $380-$395 per credit hour
• Tuition cost for 2 year program $22,800-$25,550

5. Westwood College

Westwood College online not only studies web design but things like communication, critical thinking, and logic. The courses are digital photography, server-scripting basics, SEO, web marketing, multimedia development, and advanced design techniques. Westwood College prepares you for careers in web marketing, web design, graphic design, and animation.

• Bachelor’s degree in graphic and web design is 180 credit hours
• Cost is $68,978 for 4 year degree program
• Financial aid to qualifiers
• One on one class room instruction from qualified instructors experienced in web design and marketing

6. Virginia College

Virginia College online offers degrees in media arts and web design. This degree will allow the student to work on things such as game designs, animation, computer design, web design, and drafting. The school gets students ready for the “real world” and gives students the ability to work closely with professors. Virginia College helps students to find jobs after graduation.

• Accreditation by the ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent colleges and Schools).
• Nationally recognized by the United States Department of Education and council of higher education accreditation
• Cost for tuition $58,500 for four year program

7. American Intercontinental University

American Intercontinental University offers online studies in Information Technology and development. AIU prepares students for independent studies by giving them the information to engage in a successful career. AIU offers Bachelors and Master’s programs that students can complete in their own time schedule. American Intercontinental University is highly ranked in several online rankings.

• Application fee of $50
• Cost of $442 per credit hour
• A 4-year degree will cost $74,494.

9. Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College has been educating students for over 100 years. They are focused on helping students complete their education and land successful jobs to meet their career goals. They offer students the choice of digital design and animation or gaming programming. Each student has the ability to interact with classroom and instructors to better understand the curriculum.

• Financial aid is available
• Grants and scholarships available
• Has 22 campuses in 5 states
• 85% success rate in graduation and job placement
• Accredited by the higher learning commission North Central Association
• 24% discount on tuition cost
• $350 per credit unit or $32,550 for 93 credit program

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10. Kaplan University

Kaplan University offers students the ability to attend online classes and still hold the flexibility to maintain a job and family while going to college. They have over 180 degree programs available. Cost of undergraduate degree programs has savings of up to $12,750 for a 4-year degree program. The web design program focuses on development, design, and skills to produce web pages for companies and individuals. Instructors correspond one on one with the students to help them meet their goals of graduation.

• Undergraduate and graduate programs
• Financial aid available for qualified individuals
• $54,900 cost for web design program

Each college or university offers similar curriculum for online studies in web design. They each allow the student the opportunity to perform at his or her level and complete at his or her time frame. The great thing about an online degree program is the convenience to study when you are able to study. No set times for classes to worry about when taking classes online. Just turn on the computer when you are ready to learn. Pursue your education at your leisure and flexibility.

When students complete the programs in web design online they will have a good understanding of HTML, JavaScript, multimedia, PHP, web marketing, CSS, and much more. Most colleges can begin with Associates degree programs and work up to Master’s degree programs in Web Design, so the sky is the limit with how far you can take your online web design learning.

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