The Top 10 Online Information Technology Programs

The Top 10 Online Information Technology Programs

When searching for a school offering an IT or technology degree, one should consider the school’s reputation as well as cost. Sometimes students choose the less expensive colleges only to learn that they are not up to the standards set by accreditation. Colleges for technology should offer the student the ability to transfer to another college or university. Students should consider financial aid and student satisfaction as well.

Someone that is searching for an online IT degree can find computer science, computer technology, and software development and information security, just to name a few. Receiving a degree in one of these programs will equip the student with the fundamentals he or she needs to pursue a career with excellent pay. Information technology programs will ensure the student is capable of managing his or her own computer software business.

The 10 Best Online IT Programs

2. University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is a private university that offers students two and four year degrees online in Information Systems. Phoenix also offers a Master’s program or Doctoral program for the students wishing to further their education potential. Students enjoy working at their own pace. The instructors offer discussions between students. This helps the students to understand better. The online classes at Phoenix work with parents to help them to have more time with their families while studying for their degree.

• Military funding for active duty and retired military personnel
• Tuition $145 for continuing education courses, MAed courses $285, Lab fees around $30 per technology course
• Online or campus classes
• Instructors work with students through online lectures, workbooks, and email

3. Kaplan University

Kaplan University Online offers credit for prior program or experiences towards Information Technology and Management. Kaplan offer students the ability to learn while reviewing classroom lectures online. Students can study at their own pace while working or caring for their family.

• Officers help with financial aid and are available for students that need help to qualify
. Kaplan also offers student loans to help pay for books and materials
• Students have full access to instructors through email
• Online lectures, study groups, and email support
• Tuition rates averages around $350 per credit hour

4. Walden University

Walden University Online offers online IT programs in Information technology, Software Engineering, Application Development and Testing. Students have the convenience of studying at their own time. The university is accredited with more than 300 specializations. This big name school educates approximately 40,000 students each semester. They have a very high success rate with students maintaining a good grade and graduation.

• Quick registration
• Convenient class schedule
• Access to instructors through email correspondence

5. Keiser University

Keiser University Online has provided students with degrees in Information Technology Management, and Security since 1977. Their online classes are structured so that students grasp the concepts quickly. Access to the instructors is convenient and easy to maneuver when necessary.

• Instructors communicate with students through email support
• Study when it is convenient to the student
• Credit for past experience and classes

6. Western Governors University

Western Governors University offers online offers degree programs in Information technology, security, and information management. This four year degree programs will prepare a student for a career in computers. The instructors spend time helping the students to choose the type of work they would like to pursue. Students can speak with the instructors about jobs that are available. This University is a non-profit university. Tuition is around $3000 per semester

• Student loans and scholarships are available for students that produce essays
• Convenience in studying due to online access to lectures
• Variety of technology programs to choose

7. Capella University

Capella University online offers degrees in Technology to prepare students for a career producing more than $16,000 over other school graduates. Tuition is $265-$345 per credit hour; program costs around $47,400-62,100 with financial aid available for students that qualify. Online learning gives students the flexibility to continue to work and manage their family while taking classes towards a better career. Each student can study at his or her own pace. The work is available 7 days a week, any time of the day or night. Students can attend their classes at any time that is free for them.

• Private University with online classes
• Higher acceptance rating
• Student qualifying for graduation is around 87%
• High success rate of students finding employment

8. International Academy of Design and Technology

International Academy of Design and Technology opened its doors in 1977. IADT is an accredited school. It offers degree programs in information technology, web design and development, and digital media production.

• It is easy to apply online for one of the technology programs to learn how to configure hardware, trouble shoot, and maintain computer systems.

9. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University offers degree programs in IT Project Management, Security Management, Network Management, and Data Management.

• Top ten schools in 2010 according to U.S. News
• Tuition around $5,500 per year
• Financial aid and student loans available for students that qualify
• Offers Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees
• Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

10. Liberty University

Liberty University Online offers students the choices of Associate degree programs, Bachelor’s degree programs, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs. The college gives students the flexibility to study from home or work at his or her own pace. The online lectures, email communications, bulletin boards, and books help students to do great on all of their studies. Online classes are much less intimidating than classroom studies. Chat rooms allow students to communicate and bond while discussing studies.

• Military Benefits for veterans and active duty personnel, payment for school
• Financial aid and student loans accepted
• Blended degree programs where students take some classes online and some on campus
• Online courses are eight to sixteen weeks long
• Christian based college programs

Schools are continuing to improve the way they distribute their information and how well the students perceive this information. With the desire to increase the flexibility and demand for online learning, colleges and universities are increasing staff and meeting distance standards for educating. Join an online class to earn an information technology degree or IT degree. Online IT programs prepare students to pursue a career that pays better and provides advancement opportunities.

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