How Much Money Can I Make with a Big Data Degree?


Big data is relatively new as an academic discipline. As a result, there are still a fairly limited number of schools offering this kind of program compared to more established fields in computer science.

But the information we do have about the industry provides a compelling case for earning a big data degree.

If you’re thinking about earning one of these in-demand degrees, take a look at our ranking for the Best Online Bachelor’s in Big Data Degrees. For students who prefer a more traditional on-campus experience, we’ve also created a ranking for the Best Bachelor’s in Big Data Degrees.

Based on information from PayScale, we’ve compiled this overview of the most common jobs for data science graduates, a description of main job responsibilities, and the typical salary for each occupation.

Data Scientist

Job responsibilities: Mine complex data; determine ways to improve data quality; analyze and interpret data studies; provide predictive models and algorithms for use within the organization

Average salary: $91,000 per year


Analytics Manager

Job responsibilities: Address business questions through the development of analytical approaches; curate data sets based on statistical knowledge; provide accurate, current, high-quality information and draw actionable insights from this information

Average salary: $93,695 per year


Financial Analyst

Job responsibilities: Work with management and other departments within the company to provide financial and budgetary analysis support; prepare monthly, annual, or long-term budget reports and financial forecasts; advise company executives about resource allocation and asset management based on market trends and microeconomic factors

Average salary: $58,343 per year


Director of Analytics

Job responsibilities: Manage and direct a team of data scientists or other IT professionals; work closely with executives and management to identify information needs; compile reports and presentations; create visualizations of data

Average salary: $125,413 per year (ranging up to $170,000 for experienced directors in major firms)


Data Engineer

Job responsibilities: Collaborate with management and other departments in the company to determine information and data needs; devise technical solutions for organizing and storing data securely; aggregate and analyze complex data sets; provide actionable information through reports and tools

Average salary: $90,286 per year


Data Architect

Job responsibilities: Coordinate with management and executives regarding future plans and current issues; develop a data strategy in collaboration with other departments within the company and other IT organizations as needed; ensure that data is accurate and accessible to the individuals, departments, or organizations that need it

Average salary: $111,139 per year


While big data can be applied to nearly industry, the biggest concentration of jobs tends to be in technologically based fields. Data scientists will find many opportunities for jobs in the sectors of banking and finance, social networks, consumer electronics, government, and medical technology.

Some of the largest employers of data scientists and data engineers include Facebook, General Electric, Capital One, Microsoft, and IBM.


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