The 12 Best iPad and iPhone Apps For IT Workers

The 12 Best iPad and iPhone Apps For IT Workers

IT professionals and developers (both software and web) are finding that their iPads and iPhones are tools for doing actual work as well as playing Fruit Ninja and monitoring Twitter. Here are twelve iPad and iPhone apps that IT professionals have found to be especially helpful. Where applicable, we’ve included the most recent version at the beginning, and the price and publisher at the end of each note.

1. Ego for iPad v. 1.1.4 / Ego for iPhone v. 2.2.2

Need to know the traffic to your site by the hour or the month? Ego gives you a consolidated, user-friendly dashboard where you can monitor everything that’s happening on your website or Twitter accounts, quickly and effortlessly. Ego supports Google Page Rank, Twitter, Google Analytics, Squarespace, Mint, FeedBurner, Ember and Vimeo. While many of these offer their own iOS apps, Ego lets you monitor your basic statistics from one central location. Setup and navigation are fast and intuitive.. ($1.99, Garrett Murray)

2. FTP on the Go Pro v. 3.1.1

Need to update your website while you’re out of the office? This mobile FTP client lets you browse, download and upload a compressed version of files from anywhere. The built-in editor has Find/Replace and GoToLineNumber functions, and handles HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and ASP revisions. You can view the results in the app’s built-in web browser before you upload them. The iPad version allows you to manipulate several files at once and features a Code custom keyboard to make typing easier. ($9.99, Headlight Software)

3. Koder Code Editor v. 2.1.1

If you need to make more extensive code changes, while you’re on the road, Koder offers the editing features of FTP on the Go Pro but it also supports XML, Ruby, SQL, Python, ColdFusion, ActionScript3, Perl, Java, JavaFX, C#,C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, Diff, Erlang, Groovy, Powershell, Latex, Scala, and Shell. Koder also offers Find, GoTo and Zip-functions, FTP connectivity, a virtual keyboard, an in-app browser are offered, as well as syntax highlighting, snippet manager, tabbed editing, all in a project-based organization. Koder is a great addition to the traveling developer’s toolkit. ($5.99, iCodeLabs)

4. iSSH – SSH / VNC Console v. 5.5.0

Remote IT professionals who need to access more secure networks might consider the encryption offered by Secure Shell apps like the iSSH – SSH / VNC Console. iSSH claims to be the only app offering “agent forwarding, tunneling and an X11 server available within the app” and its SSH and Telnet emulators support VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, and xterm terminals with a tunneled VNC client, RDP client and an X server. The app and its intuitive interface received a perfect score from MacWorld. ($9.99, Zinger – Soft)

5. Speedtest X Pro v.5.3

If you have a need for speed, Speedtest X can clock your Download, Upload, and Ping Time . This app offers realtime tests of your iPhone’s or iPad’s 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi connections from 30 remote locations around the globe in under 20 seconds. The app stores history of your previous tests and gives you average connection times from around the world for comparison. The interface is gorgeous and intuitive. The Pro version is ad-free ($0.99, Donovan Lewis)

6. Cellica Database for iPhone 5.4 / Cellica iPad Internet

The Cellica Database app allows users to remotely synchronize an iPad or iPhone with a desktop database. The phone/tablet client allows you to work offline, and synchronization of data, stored procedures and queries occurs when a connection is established. Users can also create forms and Sub forms remotely. Data synchs use 128-bit encryption. Databases supported include Microsoft Access, Access 2007, Microsoft Excel, Excel 2007, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, dBase, R:BASE and any other ODBC compliant database. The app also supports QR and bar code scanning. ($49.99,

7. Cheatsheets for iPhone and iPad

These handy quick references for developers are native to your mobile device, so you can use them when you don’t have connectivity. They’re constantly reviewed by professional developers with free updates. Cheatsheets are available for CSS, HTML, Python, Javascript, Linux, and jQuery. Most offer more than just syntax, definitions and arguments. The jQuery version, for example, offers returns for jQuery Core, CSS, JavaScript, Events, Effects, Ajax, DOM Attributes, DOM Manipulation, DOM Traversing, Plugins (accordion, cookie, dimensions, form, interface, tabs, tooltips, and more) , while the Linux version offers a Bash reference guide that includes shortcuts and shell variables as well as the Core Command Reference. (Varies, Concentric Sky)

8. iMy v. 2.1 for iPhone and iPad

iMy is a MySQL client for your mobile device that lets you generate complex queries without access to your desktop. Better yet, it lets you upload long queries onto your mobile device and save them to avoid having to retype them in the future. You can display results on you phone or tablet , and you also can offload results sets from your mobile device, or email them as an attachment. You also have the ability to monitor server processes and statistics from your mobile device and to terminate processes if necessary. ($5.99, Spanware)

9. iNet Pro v.2.0.6 for iPhone and iPad

iNet Pro answers the question “what else is sharing this network with my iPhone?” iNet Pro finds nearby servers, routers, and other devices, along with the services they provide, the manufacturers, name information and IP and MAC addresses. It also identifies open ports. Best of all, its Bonjour Browser function, using zero-configuration network protocols, identifies users piggybacking on your network running in ‘stealth mode.’ Scan results can be sent by email. iNet Pro can also distinguish between OS and Windows operating systems. ($5.99, BananaGlue GmbH)

10. SourceViewer v. 1.7.1 for iPhone and iPad

Built with the envious, or maybe just curious, developer in mind, Source Viewer displays any website’s HTML, CSS and Javascript source code. Sourceviewer highlights tags, keywords and CSS attributes, and it extracts embedded HTML and CSS links for easy reference. All images from the HTML and CSS images can be viewed separately in either a list or full screen, and saved to a photo album. You can copy and paste code to a clipboard, save bookmarks, and email URLs. ($.99, Piet Jonas)

11. Cisco SIO to Go v. 3.4 for iPhone

Cisco’s Security Intelligence Operations group extends the threat awareness it tracks to users with its free app, SIO to Go. SIO to Go allows network administrators to personalize alerts to only monitor potential threats and receive the most relevant intelligence. It also allows users to look up websites, IP addresses and URL and match them against the Cisco reputation database. Source intelligence includes Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Alerts, Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) Signatures, Cisco Applied Mitigation Bulletins, and Cisco Threat Outbreak Alerts sourced from both Cisco’s installed base of over 700,000 security devices and the 500 analysts in Cisco’s Threat Operations Center. (Free download, Cisco Systems)

12. Insightly for iOS

To keep track of all the projects, customers, events and vendors, the mobile IT professional needs some place to store information. Insightly for iOS tracks tasks, contacts, organizations, projects, events and opportunities in one simple CRM system. All calls made from within the app are logged. Text, voice recordings and images can be stored, and the Insightly app gives you 200 MB of storage, 2500 contacts and three shared users for free. If you outgrow this, more capacity is only $29/month. (Free/$29,

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