A Guide to Consulting and Freelancing as a Computer Science graduate

If you are looking for a guide to consulting and freelancing as a Computer Science graduate, then you are probably trying to decide your next step. You are probably trying to decide whether or not to create your own business or to get a full-time position in a prestigious company and begin earning a handsome salary.

Given your unique skill sets, it will actually be quite easy to set up a consulting or freelance business. You can do this as a part-time or full-time career. As a part-time choice, it would be a way to make some extra money while still drawing on the benefits of a regular. As a full-time choice, it would be a way to be your own boss and only work on projects that you enjoy.
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What is the Average Salary for Someone with a Computer Science Degree?

With a degree in computer science, there are many career paths that a person can travel down. From becoming a video game programmer to a computer technology researcher, there is something for everyone who earns a computer science credential.
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The Top Career Paths for Computer Science Degree Holders

A computer science degree can yield rewarding results. With the boom of the technological age, computer scientists are in high demand. As technology grows, the demand for skilled and knowledgeable computer experts will only grow. There are many great … [Continue reading]

How to Create a Portfolio for Tech Jobs

Some professionals say that the portfolio is the new resume. Nowadays, having a portfolio is often just as valuable, if not more so, than having a resume. Why? A resume tells employers what you can do, without showing any evidence. A portfolio … [Continue reading]

How to get a job in the Gaming Industry

Many people hold the dream of working in the gaming industry. They want to work in a field that creates entertaining and fun products. Video game careers allow employees to spend their days doing what they grew up doing at home during leisure time. … [Continue reading]

What is a good minor to complement a Computer Science degree?

Someone pursuing a computer science degree likely will not be required to declare and pursue a minor field of study, but doing so accomplishes two broad goals. The first is that an appropriate minor may make the holder of a new computer science … [Continue reading]

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Computer Science

One of the hottest career paths available to current college students and recent graduates is computer science. As the daily lives of individuals around the world evolves more and more around their smartphones, tablets and desktops, more … [Continue reading]

What Languages Will I Learn In A Computer Science Program?

The keystone of any Computer Science course will be the programming languages students learn. A typical Computer Science program will teach at least one language used in software development such as Java or C++. However most colleges will provide a … [Continue reading]

The Top 10 Online Programs for Computer Science Degrees

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How To Become A Web Designer

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